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Thanx to TypePad for such wonderful application.

Tutorial on HackTweak.co.cc
Better SEO means better traffic and better traffic means quality visitors to your blog. Whenever you publish your website, to make it popular you must submit it to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. But Submitting to major search engines is not enough, for better traffic for your web site. You must care about the indexing capability of Search Engines to your website. Know how deep can search engine go to your website. There are certain things that you can do to make your website easily readable and accessible by search engines. I have summarized 9 most important things to consider for better optimization for search engine are described below.

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Besides your HTML file size, the size of CSS plays vital role in loading speed of your web site. The large size of CSS file also signifies your relevancy in CSS coding. There are several tweaks that you can apply to reduce your CSS file size.

There are several CSS properties that can be used in single properties. Let me show you some of the CSS shortcut properties to cut the file size and make your CSS as fast as possible.

Till now I've discovered that about 20 CSS properties can be shortcuted and these 20 CSS properties are widely used one.

Let me show you what are they.

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Striping a tag means removing a tag that encloses some object. For example, striping a  <p> tags means that you are removing <p> </p> together. For instance, you may want to remove <p> tag with some attributes defined in it and say that it has been used in most part of your web site. Here is the sample code:

<div class='something'>
  <p class='data'>Paragraph</p>
<p class='data'> another paragraph </p>
<p> Paragraph with no attributes</p>
<p class='info'>Paragraph with different attribute</p>

How will you remove only

tag and it's ending tag?

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WordPress by defauly supports globally announcing $wpdb to access the WordPress. But in case you are away from the WordPress root you'll need to redefine the database information to access WordPress.

Again after accessing the database you may need to redefine the database prefix, which will really eat your time and dynamic ability of your script. This will get even more complicated when you need define the table name dynamically.

Perhaps, we can avoid redefining the database and use wp-config.php instead.If your script is in same host, you can easily access wp-config by using file_get_contents()PHP function.

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The Thesis theme for Wordpress has become so much popular and dominative to other Wordpress template. The reason behind this is it's user friendliness and customization power. Even a basic user is able to create their own unique theme with the help of thesis platform.

With the popularity of Thesis theme for Wordpress, I was wondering if there was any for Blogger too. But in fact, Blogger cannot have such customization power as in Wordpress.

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Not only securing your web content, but also preventing Images from being copied on your website has become one of the most challenging job for web owners. There are several methods that can be applied to secure your which will be described under this topic with their usability and flaws.

One of the widely used method to protect the contents of your website is, disabling right click using javascript. Now let's discuss how much practical it is.

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