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Not only securing your web content, but also preventing Images from being copied on your website has become one of the most challenging job for web owners. There are several methods that can be applied to secure your which will be described under this topic with their usability and flaws.

One of the widely used method to protect the contents of your website is, disabling right click using javascript. Now let's discuss how much practical it is.

Say that Mr. X has a basic computer knowledge, while surfing he found your website and liked one of the image in your website. Now he wants the same image in his website as well. He'll probably do right click and choose save image as option. Next day, say that we applied javascript to disable right click. Now next time when Mr. X tries to copy your image he won't be able to access it using right click. If he is not that stupid then he'll probably use Print Screen button to get the image.

This is just an example, how much easy it is for a basic computer user to copy image contents from your website. Disabling right click not only means that you are preventing images from being copied. It also means that you are annoying your visitor who use right click to open a link in new window. One who knows CTRL + U will take no longer to know the original source of your image. But still one can re-enable disabled right click as here.

Another alternative method would be, putting transparent image over actual image. Whenever one tries to view the image's URL, the overlapped image's location will be loaded instead. You can read it here to accomplish this method. However, you may not feel it practical because it is really a time consuming task to know the size of image and place over the exact size of the transparent image. However, if browser can get your image why can't the visitor? He'll simply use CTRL + U to view the source or still he can use easy method by Print screening.

Here's one vendor who claims that they can prevent screen print, artistscope.

Next thing you can do is, watermark your image with your logo. This actually doesn't prevents your image from being copied. Rather your web site logo or any watermark will be copied with it. This is some what helpful and widely used method. This also helps indirectly to bring traffic to your website.

You can search on Google for some methods to prevent images from being copied from your website. You'll get hundreds of results related to it. Side by side, searching for copying images from website will also fetch same results.

There isn't actually a foolproof method to prevent images from being copied. But at least if you make a habit of adding watermark. Then it will be very helpful to the one who wants image from your website and for you as well as your image's watermark will be advertised.

The best thing to do is do your best to safeguard against image thievery. Place statements on your website, insert the special code to prevent the save image as..., and/or watermark your images. Take the most steps you can in trying to deter illegal copying of your images but also be aware that if a copier really wanted an image, he will get it at any cost.

If you have some effective measures, then do share with us.

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